Mercato del Capo

Moving on from the rather disappointing La Vucciria market we head onto the far more bustling and hectic Mercato del Capo.

First we walk through the textile and cloth merchants section. With every texture and hue of fabric on show it’s a colourful sight.


I loved this little haberdashery / homeware stall with its vivid wool balls, fans and other miscellaneous items.

Everywhere you look there’s amazing details, whether it’s the weather beaten religious posters or the weather beaten stall holders!

Food comes in every colour of the rainbow, here’s a selection of reds and greens. Tasty!

Then you head across to the somewhat gruesome fish mongers with their heaps of shiny fish, slippery squid and beady eyed prawns.

Sicilian men pass the time with good natured squabbles and occasionally passionate outbursts!


Every stall is a fascinating spread of everything needed for home cooked meals. Here’s a nut, seed and jam stall.


Vivid bunches of peppers are temptingly displayed along with mountains of produce.

A young stall holder takes a break from selling everything from bottled water to cheeses.


Finally here’s another look at the bright little chilli peppers that can be found on many stalls.


Lots more pictures to come of this fascinating old market.

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