More market malarky

We head deeper into the barely contained chaos that is Palermo’s Capo market.

Beset on all sides by jewel bright vegetables, slimy snails and red raw animal heads!

Note how the man looks supremely defensive on all the photos with hands securely over any valuables – markets are prime pickpocketing areas so beware.

Briefly seeking sanctuary from the hubbub on the street we dip into a serene little chapel for a few blissful moments of peace.


Then it’s back into the commotion to check out pomegranates, saucy peppers and smoking stall holders.

As well as the street stalls there are little shops tucked into alcoves that give glimpses of the daily life of the city. Here Sicilians queue for fresh meat and cheeses.


Further on we come across more of the fishmongers and their shiny catch. This gentleman wielded his large knives with impunity when hacking up swordfish steaks!

Here’s one of the unlucky fish in all its glory – I love all the details on the wall behind it too.


Moving on from chopped up fishes we find more rainbow bright vegetables including all these different types of tomatoes.

At odds with his healthy stock, this stall holder puffs away on his ciggy!


It’s just an orgy of colour and shape and sounds. I might have got snapper’s RSI!

Bearing that in mind I’ll finish up with a glut of colourful shots from the rest of Capo.

Sculptural squashes in a range of delicate oranges and greens provide a naturally pretty display.

Dried fish preserved in salt sit alongside garlic bulbs,wine and characterful stall holders.

Here’s a final look at one of the intricate religious posters that plaster the walls.


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