A sliver of Sintra

After exploring the quirky joys of Quinta De Regaleria we had a quick trot around the town of Sintra itself.

This picturesque town is set in the pine covered hills of the Serra de Sintra. The slightly cooler climate enticed the nobility and elite of Portugal, who constructed exquisite palaces, extravagant residences and decorative gardens.

Sintra is known for its many 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments, which has resulted in its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s also full of tiny, cute shops and detailed tiled frescos which can we found all over.

Pretty pastel pink walls contrast with beautiful tiling and create a visually enticing view.

Everything that can be painted appears on tiles, from sardines to religious icons.

The town is also surrounded by beautiful housing that sweep up the hillside.

In the historic centre of Sintra there are pretty cobbled streets lined with traditional shops and cafes, all centred around the Gothic styled National Palace.

The Gothic styled National Palace was extensively used by the nobility of Portugal between the 15th and 19th centuries. The Palace’s most distinctive exterior feature are the two huge chimneys that extend from the kitchens.


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