Pointe de la Torche

Next up is a jaunt to Pointe de la Torche – or in Breton – Beg an Dorchenn.


Pointe de la Torche is a promontory located at the southeastern end of the Baie d’Audierne in Plomeur.

It attracts surfers, body boarders, kitesurfers, wind-surfers, waveskiers and land yachters and has been the site of several championships.


Its long sandy beach also has world war two remnants. The Germans constructed fortifications on the Pointe de la Torche, as part of the Atlantic Wall.

One blockhouse or pillbox was used as a squat by the homeless until the 1980s and is now a rescue station.

Others are slowly sinking into the sand, decorated by man and obliterated by nature.

As usual the man is wildly excited about being on a beach and this time it seems to infection is spreading to the smaller being!

It’s a wild and windy walk around the beach with the waves whipping up a white frothy coating on the navy blue sea.


You can spend hours just escaping the crowds, scrambling over rocks and enjoying the views.

A nice change to the usual man made attractions that I like to obsess over. A little bit of wild nature!


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