Brace yourselves . . . IT’S JAPAN

So finally, four months after the event I can finally get around to documenting the most epic trip I’ve ever taken…… JAPAN!

We’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing places do far including India, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to name just a few, but Japan. Now that’s something else!

It’s been my one bucket list destination.


A shimmering dream that I never really believed we’d actually manage to achieve. But we decided to take the plunge to celebrate our ten year anniversary!!!

Naturally I had to plan everything in painstaking detail, more a military campaign than a relaxing break . . . here’s a look at my 30 page itinerary (yep you read that right . . )

Our 19 day trip would start in frenetic, zany, hyper powered Tokyo.


Then we’d head into the Japanese alps to the gorgeous little town of Takayama.


Then to Hiroshima to see the sombre vestiges of the second world war in the form of the A dome and Peace Museum.


We’d then spend several days in beautiful Kyoto hunting for Geisha.


Then round the trip off in colourful, crazy Osaka with its giant sushi signs and department store complete with Ferris wheel.


We booked our flights nice and early (in February for a trip in October) which meant we managed to secure very good ticket prices with Emirates.


As we knew we’d be travelling a lot we invested in a Japan Rail Pass.


It might not be right for everyone and it’s  a big chunk of money to stump up front, but for us it saved money on the numerous bullet train journeys we’d undertake.

We booked all our hotels on months before we headed out as October tends to be quite a popular time of year to visit and it does get booked up quite quickly, especially in Tokyo.

We stayed in some budget business hotels, a wonderful traditional home-stay as well as a quirky capsule hotel.

Here’s the list of where we stayed (in case you need any accommodation ideas!):

Hotel Rose Garden, Shinjuku

Net Booth Capsule Hotel, Shinjuku

Guest house and cafe SOY, Takayama

Toyoko Inn Hiroshima-eki Minamiguchi-mig, Hiroshima

Hotel Grand Bach, Kyoto

Kyoto Guesthouse Lantern, Gion

Sunroute, Osaka Namba, Osaka.

So sit back and brace yourself for  veritable glut of all things Japanese. Buckle up, it’s a crazy ride!!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Brace yourselves . . . IT’S JAPAN

  1. I LOVE your trip! Wasn’t Takayama amazing? Is the little funny “Mexican” restaurant still there? We actually mailed that nice chef some chilis from back here in New Mexico. My little sorobobo (red monkey baby) fell off my purse a few years ago and have never found a replacement, so figure have to go back to Takayama!

    1. I nearly cried getting on the plane home from Japan! I’ve never actually felt so sad to leave anywhere in my whole life. I didn’t spot the Mexican in Takayama but absolutely loved it, so beautiful, did you go to Shirakawa-gō? Stunning!

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