Temples and angry hornets

Following on from the frantic traditional shopping streets of Gion we’re heading to another evocative part of Kyoto, the tearooms on the canal sides.

On route we visit another pretty traditional temple that warns of “bees” DO NOT BE FOOLED – these are not our cute little bumble variety, hell no. These are deadly asian hornets – a very different, and evil, beast!


Sadly I have no idea which of the many Kyoto temples this one happens to be (bad travel blogger I know!) But its style typifies the tranquail, peaceful oasis of calm that these spiritual places offer.

As usual the man serves as my photo prop – stand there, hop on that!

Here’s an adorable little sign, who knows what it is advertising?!


You spot lots of intriguing sights along the winding little back streets. I enjoyed this odd bric a brac shop that seems to sell everything from war helmets to cart wheels.

Finally we make it to the pretty back water canals where traditional teashops hangover the calming waters.


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