Stop right there, this post carries a serious Kawaii warning! That is all . .  proceed at your own risk . .


Imagine my delight, on the back streets of Gion in Kyoto  ..  That’s right, it’s Hello Kitty food!!


Tiny little sugary cute kitten faces with unidentified pink stuff . .


OMG kitten ice cream and fruit .. thank you Japan – yet another reason to adore this country!!


It’s a Maccha Latte  . .  with floating Hello Kitty!!


Is it sugar? Is it savoury . .  guess I’ll never know, all we do know is IT IS CUTE!!!


Do you have tooth ache yet? It is all so darn sugary sweet and uber Kawaii!!!

Here’s a few none edible cuties as well. These are tiny little good luck charms that bring harmony in all areas of life. I wanted them all . . .


And finally on our whistle stop tour of Kyoto Kawaii is this gentleman and his simply adorable canine companion . .

Look at his little furry face and tiny traditional costume!! Can it get any cuter . .

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