Tiny trams and kimono forests

We’re headed to see some cheeky monkeys and a kimono forest next but in order to get there we’re heading on an adorable little tram line known as Randen.


The Randen tramline was founded in 1910. It’s been running for over 100 years and runs from Shijo Omiya to Arashiyama and Kitano Hakubaicho.

The Randen Line operated by Keifuku Electric Railroad and is considered the last tram line in Kyoto.


I get over excited by the little display of everyone’s favourite depressed egg yolk Gudetama at the tram station!

Dismebarking at Arashiyama we make a brief visit to the kimono forest at the station.


It is a wonderful display made up of pieces of colourful textiles dyed in the traditional Kyo-yuzen style.

There are approximately 600 examples of Kyo Yuzen in perspex pillars with around 32 different patterns.

It’s a fantastical, colourful slice of tradition but also whimsy. I loved it!


Also you can take a look at the Atagoike Dragon Pond. This is where people come to pray and make wishes.


Here’s a close up of just a few of the sumptuous Yuzen patterns.

The forest is lit up at night which makes it even more ethereal and beautiful. It’s also completely free to visit – tourist bonus!


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