Cheeky monkeys

We’re heading to check out some more of Japan’s wildlife now, but instead of deer, this time it’s a more furry type we’re after. We’re heading to the Iwatayama Monkey Park  in Kyoto.

On route we enjoy the pretty scenery of Arashiyama including this impressive river complete with little pleasure boats.

In order to get to the park we need to take a hike (or gentle walk according to his lordship) up a mountain.

On route there are lot’s of “helpful” notices about what to do and not to do with the critters.


The further I go, the more freaked out by the amount of warning signs I see. . don’t look at the monkeys, don’t crouch down . . . and I thought this would be cute and fun!


The park is home to about 120 snow monkeys, which are also called Japanese macaque.

You can buy bags of apples and nuts for the monkeys and it is the tourists that are caged not the animals.


In order to feed the greedy little beasts you have to go into a hut and offer the food through the wire!

The monkey’s are endearingly human, each with their own personalities.

Some are forward, grabby and greedy while others are far more shy.


We even get to spot a teeny tiny fur baby! So adorable and cheeky!

You can also spot family groups, squabble and playful teasing – just like human families!


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