Splashes of Spanish colour

Some more colourful snaps of our exploration of Seville now and I am especially captivated by this vivid orange building.

The yellow trim pops against the hot orange walls and the detailed traditional tiles.

I also love these fragrant selections of spices that are just begging to be sniffed.


Seville is packed to the hilt with delightful traditional tiles, known as Azulejo. They are a form painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework and adorn many buildings.

Then there’s rows of delicious tourist tat commemorating all things sterotypically Spanish like guitars, fans and flamenco dancers.

Escape the hordes in the main square and duck into some of the quieter back streets to be rewarded with simple architecture in pastel shades.

I love the castellated walls of this rich ochre building set against the clear blue sky.

Then it’s back to the main square to see if the hellishly long queues to get into the cathedral have died down – tip, get there very early or go in an hour before closing time, or you’ll spend all day in a hot, angry line . .



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