Neptune’s Grotto

Join us as we descend into the underworld now with a trip to the natural wonder that is Neptune’s grotto.

Heading to the protected marine area of Capo Caccia we’re surrounded by incredible cliffs and rock formations, one of which conceals the incredible cave we’re destined for.

We took the easy route via boat and docked in the slippery cavern but you can come via foot down a vertiginous set of 654 steps!

The incredible stalactite cave was discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century and is a mammoth space full of weird and wonderful formations.

The dim lighting adds to the unearthly feeling as tortured rock formations look like alien bones straight out of a Ridley Scott film.


The incredible limestone formations date back around two million years ago


Apologies for the slightly naff photos – they are all on my phone! Will try and find some decent ones to post.

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