Cracking Castlesardo

The enchanting town of Castlesardo clings to the wind battered hillside above a pretty little beach.


With its pastel coloured houses, winding up the hillside it makes another pretty sight.

At the very top is the pretty old town, fortified with a castle, which makes for an interesting and atmospheric trip.


As the wind has really picked up we get a very different view of the Mediterranean sea, choppy, roaring, royal blue and wave filled.

Even though it’s a wickedly windy day we are still treated to bright sunshine hitting the colourful walls and get tantalising glimpses of the sea between buildings.

In the lower, newer part of the town, the man spots a rather sinister sign showing some of the traditional elements of the area.

Sardinia is famous for its knife making apparently – but not sure about the creepy masks!


As we head higher up and towards the old town and castle we have a perfect view back down to the ferocious sea.

Onward and upwards, we’re being buffeted by incredible strong winds now!

It’s worth persevering though as the old town is a labyrinth of alleyways and a wealth of lovely details and colours.

Below you can see a rather unusual piece of decoration in the little Santa Maria delle Grazie church. It’s an arm protruding from the wall that makes for an unusual candle-holder.

A traditional style shop sells a variety of local handicrafts including small rugs and pottery.


However our attention is soon turned to a tiny gelateria with a host of unusual flavours including cheesecake (I can highly recommend this one!)

There is also an odd carrot and orange one! I am not too sure about that one . .

We’ve wandered our way right up to the very top of the hillside now, close to the fortified castle and there are some stunning views to be hand over the town and bay.


Reluctantly we’ve got to head back down now but not before I grab a few more snaps of colourful fishing nets and rainbow walls.

The man braves the bracing wind so I can capture the rough and wild sea. Still beautiful.


Nearing the bottom of the hill I am entranced by a set of delightfully coloured houses, all candy coloured and sweet enough to eat.

This pretty pastel building and bike reminds me of 1950s America or a Wes Anderson film set!


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