Abandoned Argentiera

A completely different Sardinian trip this time is to Argentiera. Full of ghostly derelict mining buildings and empty, staring windows.

This eerie place is a former mining town and its name comes from the Italian argento -silver. It feels like a former gold rush town in the Mid West.


Silver has been mined here since the ancient era including during the Roman era. It was reopened in the 19th century by a Belgian company but was finally closed in 1963.

Argentiera mine is one of the most important example of industrial archaeology in Sardinia, it’s even UNESCO protected.


If you continue beyond the empty, windowless buildings of the mine you’ll find an attractive little bay.

The silvery shingle beach is lapped, as always, by a constantly changing seascape.

A kaleidoscope of colours shifts through the crystal clear waters and washes over rocky outcrops.


A lovely little pit stop and worth half a hour to soak up the odd, empty atmosphere.






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