Romantic Romazzino


Romazzino beach is the next sandy spot to be bagged on our Costa S’meralda coastal tour and it’s a beauty.


In the middle of the beach you’ll find a pier that stretches out into the warm(ish) waters!


While bizarrely shaped, weather beaten rocks appear haphazardly dotted along the sands.

The wind has abated somewhat but the water is still a glorious mix of navy, greens and frothy white wavelets.

Once again we have this little slice of paradise all to ourselves given that it was October.

But in the height of the summer season this beach will be heaving with sun worshippers.

Personally I much prefer it in it’s lonely, windswept, empty glory. Just us and the elements.

Romazzino beach is right in front of the famously luxurious Romazzino Hotel, one of Costa Smeralda’s best beach hotels.  It’s all shut up for the season so we get to roam freely!

Clearly luxuriating guests demand complete peace and quiet hence this amusing collection of “do not” signs . . . not quite sure what the middle one is warning against!

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