Fascinating Fiscardo

Picture postcard perfect Fiscardo basks in the sweltering heat.

Blue water dreaming

It might be snowing, raining and flooding here in dismal Blighty but my mind is floating away in the warmth of a Kefalonian summer! Stopping for a brief pause on our road trip around the island, we stumble upon this little roadside pebble beach. Complete with obligatory bobbing boats! Everywhere you look, Kefalonia has aContinue reading “Blue water dreaming”

Boats and sparkling waters

Leaving behind the pretty Agios Ioannis beach behind we’re heading through the tiny settlement to the mini harbour at the far end of the bay. After enjoying the obligatory snaps of vivid bougainvillea we come across the small picturesque chapel of Agios Ioannis which sits above a tiny harbour. There’s absolutely no one around atContinue reading “Boats and sparkling waters”

Jewel bright waters

We’re coming to the end of our Sardinian adventure but on the last day we see possibly the very best of this stunning island. Hopping on a boat tour around the coastline from Cala Gonone we’re treated to some truly spectacular rugged cliffs and the most beautiful water yet! I can honestly say that IContinue reading “Jewel bright waters”

Romantic Romazzino

Romazzino beach is the next sandy spot to be bagged on our Costa S’meralda coastal tour and it’s a beauty. In the middle of the beach you’ll find a pier that stretches out into the warm(ish) waters! While bizarrely shaped, weather beaten rocks appear haphazardly dotted along the sands. The wind has abated somewhat butContinue reading “Romantic Romazzino”

Costa S’meralda

We’ve settled into our little hotel – the gorgeous Dolce Vita close to the celeb’s hangout of Porto Cervo. Now we are all set to explore the stunning beaches of the Costa Smeralda, one of the highlights of this gem of an island. Costa Smeralda is around 20km of jaw droppingly stunning beaches and coastline toContinue reading “Costa S’meralda”