Beach bums

Having been dropped off on the delightful little Cala Mariolu beach we’re left for a few hours to enjoy this pebbly cove.


Along with the simply stunning water there is a cliff that attracts children and the foolhardy like lemmings . .

Obviously the dare devil scales it straight away like a frenzied, suicidal mountain goat.


Then proceeds to hurl himself off it repeatedly almost as if it is some sort of fun…

Yeap, looking like endless amounts of terrifying, vertigo inducing “fun”


However, determined not to be outdone on this particular occasion, I make the (foolhardy) decision to jump off too . . .  instant regret! The cliff is really sharp and feels amount a million miles high from up here (notice the grimace on face)

I must have faffed around up there for about 40 minutes.. tottering to the edge only to discover that my body has a very strong “hell no” reflex and a surprisingly strong desire to live.

It was literally as if there was a glass wall preventing me from stepping over the edge and no amount of constructive help (just step out / shall I push you etc) was going to help.

It actually took a boat load of strangers floating into the cove and staring at me to make me jump! I was not going to be a coward in front of people I would never see again . .

Enough dare devilry for me. Back to paddling in the warm shallows and posing.

The photos just don’t do justice to how beautiful this part of the world is.

And then that’s it, the boat comes to collect us and we head back, salt encrusted and sated.

On-route back we enjoy more views of the stunning limestone cliffs tumbling to the sea.

This little beach is a dead ringer for parts of Ao Nang in Krabi, Thailand. Makes me nostalgic!


And that’s your lot for Sardinia fellow travel lovers. All in all an unexpected, fantastical treat of an island.

An unspoilt (for now) gem of a place with everything you could want for an amazing get away.

Next stop, my first ever trip to Germany with the achingly hip capital city – Berlin!

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