Lighthouses and lunch

After being buffeted at the top of the wet and windy mountain, we head back down to a more temperate climate for a spot of lunch. What else but a traditional gyros . . yum!

Then it’s back to our little resort of Lassi to explore the sights of the local area. There’s some lovely little coves to explore as the sun starts to dip low in the sky.

As the sun sets we find a lovely little lighthouse to take lots of pictures of.

The lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi lies on a man-made peninsula. It’s a circular structure with 20 columns and its tower is eight metres tall.

The building is rather simple with a Doric architectural style. It was originally built in 1828 by the British administrator Charles Napier, who ruled the island that time.

The lighthouse was destroyed in the earthquake of 1953 and was rebuilt in 1960 by the local architect Takis Pavlatos according to its original architectural design.

There’s a lovely little shingle beach by the lighthouse too that looks gorgeous as the setting sun warms everything with pink and gold.

Another interesting sight to see close by is the Katavothres sea mills that mark the spot of a fascinating natural phenomena.

Sea water enters sink holes and the flow created was used to drive a water wheel to power the mills.

The mystery has always been as to where the water goes. By injecting dyes it was discovered that the water that entered the sink holes came out two weeks later in the Melissani lake and flowed out to the sea at the village of Karavomilos, above sea level.

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