Garlic and sunflowers

Winding our way around the back lanes of the Isle of Wight we always find something new to discover and this time it is the Garlic Farm! Whether you want to eat it in their cafe, buy it in their shop or check out how it grows in their farm – it’s a garlic loversContinue reading “Garlic and sunflowers”

Food glorious food

One of the top foodie hotspots in Madrid is, rather surprisingly a massive food court on top of a department store. The El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience overlooks Plaza Callao and has incredible views of downtown Madrid. This cornucopia of edible delights is free to visit and features a wide range of traditional Spanish foodsContinue reading “Food glorious food”

Marvellous Malaga market

It feels only five minutes since we were last mooching around the colourful central market in Malaga but its actually been years! The time our apartment is literally around the corner so we can get up bright and early to check out this lively scene. No matter how many times I visit markets in EuropeContinue reading “Marvellous Malaga market”

Pet cafes and fishy markets

Continuing our tour of our final Japanese city Osaka. We spot a few of the more quirky features of Japanese socialising – pet cafes! In this case all things tiny, fluffy and spiky! As well as photo perving on yet more perfectly replicated plastic meals and sushi. This tiny shop is a manga lover’s paradise.Continue reading “Pet cafes and fishy markets”

Animal cake and arcades

You can’t go far in Japan without spotting something utterly adorable like these animal shaped desserts! Whether it’s curry topped with a teddy bear, rabbit eared icecream or a burger with googly eyes, it has to be kawaii!! Another utterly Japanese experience are the incredible, multi story gaming temples such as this rainbow coloured NamcoContinue reading “Animal cake and arcades”

Kitchenware town

On we trot to the next of my key sightseeing spots – Kappabashi Street AKA Kitchenware town! Easily identified by the humongous chef looming above the entrance to the south entrance, Kappabashi Street is where the restaurant trade does its shopping. The street is lined with stores selling all the hardware needed by restaurants and other foodContinue reading “Kitchenware town”

First ever Asian markets

My trip to South Vietnam in 2008 marked the start of my love affair with Asia and all its quirky delights. It’s also the first place I encountered some of the cavernous trade markets with their endless produce for sale that I grew to adore. In Ho Chi Minh the Bin Thay market is aContinue reading “First ever Asian markets”