Stunning Segovia

We’re taking the train from Madrid to the amazing town of Segovia. And when you arrive it is not hard to see what it is famous for!

The centre of this pretty, Baverarianesque town is dominated by an incredible feat of Roman engineering.

This amazing aqueduct is is one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueducts and was believed to be built in 1st century AD, although the exact date is a mystery.

The aqueduct once transported water from the Rio Frio river, situated in mountains 17 km from the city in the La Acebeda region. It runs for 15 km before arriving in the city.

According to Wikipedia the aqueduct is built of unmortared, brick-like granite blocks.

During the Roman era, each of the three tallest arches displayed a sign in bronze letters, indicating the name of its builder along with the date of construction

All we know is a) thanks Micheal Portillo for featuring it on your travel documentary or we’d never have heard of it, and b) it is amazing!

The aqueduct was partially rebuilt in the 15th century after section of it was destroyed by the Moors in 1072.

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