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One of the top foodie hotspots in Madrid is, rather surprisingly a massive food court on top of a department store.

The El Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience overlooks Plaza Callao and has incredible views of downtown Madrid.

This cornucopia of edible delights is free to visit and features a wide range of traditional Spanish foods as well as more global nibbles.

Whether you want to sample Pintxos – small bites of food served on skewers or a piece of toasted bread, creamy gelato in 100s of flavours or tasty slices of Roman style pizza.

The views from the ninth floor are jaw dropping and includes the famous Schwepps sign.

Perhaps the most iconic site on Gran Vía is the colourful neon sign at the pinnacle of the Edificio Carrión Building.

This Art Deco, marble and granite structure from 1933 marks an edge of Callao Square and houses an enormous movie theater called the Capitol.

The stripy Schwepps sign has been dominating the panoramic view of Gran Vía since 1972.

There’s an outdoor terrace as well as huge glass windows if it’s too nippy to venture outside.

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