We’re on the road again now and heading to Harrogate, but on route we happen to spot a river from the road, so pull over to have a look. And what luck that we did or we would have missed the lovely town of Knaseborough. The town centre is perched on the cliffs above theContinue reading “Knaseborough”

Robin Hood’s Bay

Next up on the whirlwind tour of Yorkshire back in 2020 is the quaint little fishing village of Robin Hood’s Bay. Once the haunt of smuggler, press gangers and fishermen, now you’re more likely to get enmeshed in crowds of holidaymakers with ice-creams and postcards by the handful. First up is the obligatory snapping ofContinue reading “Robin Hood’s Bay”

Lonely Church

Sometimes you stumble across something amazing, literally in the middle of nowhere and that is the case with the lovely Santissima Trinit√† di Saccargia. On-route from Alghero we spot this stripey marvel from the main road and can’t help but pull over for a closer look. The church is the most important Romanesque site inContinue reading “Lonely Church”

Spanish touches

Alongside the stunning cathedral, Alcazar and other beautiful sights to be found in Seville, there are also a wealth of tiny details to be found everywhere you look. Whether it’s the eternally fascinating, detailed alazulejo tiles that serve as everything from wine adverts to house numbers, to the old tourist posters from yester-years. Even rowsContinue reading “Spanish touches”

Hida folk village

Our final outing from Takayama is to the Hida folk village, a pretty, open air museum showcasing the architecture and lifestyles of the area. It’s also an excuse (as if we need any) to dress up in some traditional costumes . . ¬†don’t we look cute Covering approximately 99,000 square meter site of sloped- andContinue reading “Hida folk village”

Tiny and traditional

A last look at the wonderful village of Ogimachi now. Just a glut of photos of all the quirky little sights. Below are several statues of Studio Ghibli, famous anime creations. To the left is No Face from Spirited Away, the large cuddly looking one is BIG Totoro and the little witch is Yubaba. TheContinue reading “Tiny and traditional”

Tiny Takayama details

This post is mainly random shots of more delicious details from around Takayama. Above the man sticks his head in a regional icon – a Sarubobo – AKA monkey baby!. These are red human-shaped dolls, with no facial features, made in a variety of sizes. Traditionally, sarubobos are made by grandmothers for their grandchildren asContinue reading “Tiny Takayama details”

Nearing Nikko

After the excitement of our first ever bullet train ride we arrive in the small town of Nikko. Nikko itself is a fairly average Japanese town, nothing too unusual (EXCEPT IT’S IN JAPAN!) We’re actually heading to Nikko National Park, a scenic place of natural beauty and ornate shrines. We meander through the town untilContinue reading “Nearing Nikko”