Surf & chocolate box sweet

From the endless sweep of beach at Sandown, which has a Ozzie vibe in the hot sunshine to the chocolate box cottages at Shanklin, the Isle of Wight has something for everyone.

Shanklin has a sandy beach, a tooth achingly sweet old village and a wooded ravine, Shanklin Chine as some of its attractions.

For me the star of Shanklin is the gorgeous thatched cottages that are dotted around the old village.

Above is the lovely Old Thatch teashop – full of tasty delights

Another eatery is Vernon Cottage with a gorgeous garden and impressive menu.

Then there’s the fossil cavern, a place to browse for prehistoric relics with an impressive selection of fossils, minerals and crystals.

Alongside the usual tourist tat shops such as rock, fudge and souvenirs there are several boarded up premises, evidence of a hard few years.

The hording has been decorated with a colourful street art mural from Not Dead Yet. You can see more of his artwork here.

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