Santa Bárbara Castle

First up to spot in Alicante is Santa Bárbara Castle, an impressive fortification on Mount Benacantil.

The castle sits at an altitude of 166 meters. It’s home to one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain and you can get far reaching views across the city and out to the bay of Alicante.

There are three parts to the castle, dating from three different eras.

In the highest enclosure (“La Torreta”) are the Torre del Homenaje and the oldest remains of the fortress, dating mostly from the 14th century.

The intermediate enclosure is 16th century and the lower enclosure dates from the 18th century.

The castle is free to visit – quite rare these days! There’s quite a climb upto it (the lift was not working when we visited) so the cafe at the top was quite a welcome sight!

The views from the very top, out across the bay are pretty impressive (and we can see our favourite beachside discount tapas bar down below!)

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