Alicante details

Before I actually visited I was of the dismissive opinion that Alicante was just another highrise, non descript Spanish city that tourists passed through to get to the Costas.

But as per usual I was wrong! It’s a bustling, working city for sure but it is more than that.

Theres a lovely beach, very reasonably priced food and drink and lots of detail if you look closer.

So enjoy this colourful photo dump of just some of the quirky details that I spotted as we roamed the city streets.

I love love love this stripy building! So much street art and so little time.

Ice creams, mopeds and lots more colourful pasteups distract me next . . . .

These impressive strangler fig trees are a feature of many Spanish cities.

That’s enough for now! But safe to say that Alicante is definitely more than just somewhere to pass through.

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