Zip lining

Still recovering from our hair raising white water rafting we’re onto another thrill seeking adventure!

We’re doing another of our favourite things – ziplining over the Tara Canyon.

The canyon is 1333 meters deep, which makes it world’s second deepest canyon.

The zipline is 1,050m and you reach up to a maximum of 90km per hour!

The flight takes you over the canyon, dense forestry and the gushing Tara River – adding a dose of adrenaline to sight-seeing from a unique perspective!

Here we are ready to zip – looking as glamorous as ever! How people manage to look stylish when doing this is beyond me.

And here we are gracefully soaring through the air at high speed! I start at the rear but quickly overtake the hubby due to me being much heavier!!!

Here’s He-Man bringing up the rear!!

Once we’re back on solid ground we head to the Tara Canyon Bridge for another view of the canyon.

The 365-metre-long (1,198 ft) bridge has five arches and stands 172 metres (564 ft) above the Tara River.

At the time of its completion, it was the biggest vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe

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