Golden domes

The Cathedral of St. Jovan Vladimir in Bar was only completed in 2016 but it is already one of the main city attractions.

It’s dedicated to Jovan Vladimir, the patron saint of Bar, who is considered to be the first Serbian saint.

The grand Cathedral is built in the Serbian-Byzantine style including its imposing gold domes that reflect the sunlight.

Inside is even more impressive with every wall, alcove and surface smothered in colourful murals.

Amongst the many colourful scenes are the Ascension and the Madonna with the 12 apostles.

Then we’re off to explore the Old Town of Bar, it is the largest and most important medieval archaeological site in the Balkans.

There’s also a bustling little town centre full of cafes and little shops to be explored.

Typically I forgot to switch the video on so missed most of the street scenes!

We need to fuel up and hubby tries some traditional Pomegranate juice to wash down the tasty snacks.

Below you can get a perfect view of the fortifications that make up the old town of Bar.

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