Horseshoe bend

The most iconic view of Lake Skadar, used in all the tourist info, is not actually of the lake at all!

It’s actually of the incredible horseshoe bend in the Rijeka Crnojevića river.

I’m on a mission to find it – so back in the car we hop, and the hubby sets off on another scenic road trip.

The northwestern end of Lake Skadar turns into Rijeka Crnojevića, the river that passes through a village with the same name. The viewpoint is just a few kilometers east of the village.

Lake Skadar sprawls below us as far as the eye can see. The green isn’t grass though, it’s the dense mats of waterlilies floating on the lake.

We pass through the tiny hamlet of Rijeka Crnojevića with its picturesque arched river bridge and stop for a quick drink as it just keeps getting hotter!.

Finally we arrive at the Pavlova Strana Viewpoint which is where you will see the famous horseshoe bend.

It is definitely worth the occasionally hair-raising drive to get there. There’s a large viewpoint opposite a restaurant, but to get the full panoramic view you are better to head a little further up the road.

Vegetation obscures the view a bit so I clambered up on one of the concrete posts to get the perfect picture.

Below you can see how this incredibly beautiful river has carved its way to the lake through Karst terrain, creating such amazing scenery.

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