Sveti Stefan

It’s time for some beaches now and one of the most famous sights of Montenegro – Sveti Stefan.

First up we head to gorgeous Crvena Glavija beach that has a perfect view of Sveti Stefan island and the beach is nearly empty when we arrive #bliss.

We’re intrigued by this abandoned beach bar on Crvina Glavica beach. Such a prime position it is hard to understand why it has been left to rot. Looking on Google maps it was thriving just a few years ago so probably another Covid casualty.

But we’ve got the place almost to ourselves, apart from the odd paddle boarder and a couple of nudists . . .

Then we make our way to Sveti Stefan itself. This tiny island is the centre of a lot of controversy as the Montenegrin government has sold it lock, stock and barrel to a private hotel chain.

They has turned the formerly bustling village into a private, elite hotel that is accessible only for guests or by coughing up for a tour.

However the hotel island complex has been shut for a while now due to arguments over the access to the beaches. They want several of them to be private and for guests only.

To get onto the King’s Beach below you have to cough up €180 for a beach lounger! That’s one way they’re trying to keep the plebs out.

The island is pretty enough, and it features on almost ever tourist advert for the country, but I would have preferred it as a busy traditional village as it should be.

We’re on the public beach directly under the contentious island now.

They put up fencing around the beaches that are in the hotel’s ownership, but the locals tore them down – power to the people!

It’s a tragic example of heritage for sale to the highest bidder, and is a sad indictment of putting money before people.

Adriatic Properties have now apparently launched arbitration proceedings seeking 100 million euros compensation from Montenegro for allegedly breaching a contract over the luxury resort.

Leaving the beach behind for now we are off in search of food on the harbour front.

Obviously wouldn’t be a holiday meal without at least some wine to wash it down with….

A few boats floating in the pristine harbour waters.

Then we scoot onto another busy beach at Petrovac, just a flying visit for this one as there are more to see!

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