Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda sits at the dramatic end of Lake Garda, with mountains rising on either side and Riva perches on the shore, with a stunning backdrop of lake, valley and hills. Riva is the second-largest town on Lake Garda and is a bustling mix of gorgeous old glamour and hectic tourism. The main thingContinue reading “Riva del Garda”

Torri del Beneco

En route up the eastern side of Lake Garda we stop off in the lakeside town of Torri del Beneco. The historical village centre is surrounded by medieval walls and towers including the Scaliger Castle. This medieval castle stands keeping watch over Torri del Benaco’s historic centre. The setting sun gilds the lakeside town aContinue reading “Torri del Beneco”

Punta san Viglio

 Driving along the hair raising roads of Lake Garda, you could easily miss this next little slice of paradise – Punta San Vigilio. This gorgeous little peninsula, owned by the Guarienti Counts of Brenzone, is part of the Municipality of Garda. It’s a tiny little village, completely on its own with a clutch of cobbledContinue reading “Punta san Viglio”

Bustling Burano

Enjoy some more vividly coloured delights of Burano as we take a tour of this tiny island. The history of Burano started when inhabitants of Altino escaped from a barbarian invasion and found refuge in the islands of the Venetian lagoon. They named the islands after the gates of their former city including Murano, MazzorboContinue reading “Bustling Burano”