White water and white knuckles!

After conking out at the river camp we headed onwards to our date with adventure! White water rafting on the river, something I have never done before, so why not try it in the middle of nowhere with relatively little health and safety . . . We are now back down the mountain, having steadilyContinue reading “White water and white knuckles!”

Mae Sai, as far north as you go

Mae Sai is the northernmost district of Chiang Rai and indeed Thailand. The town of Mae Sai is a major border crossing between Thailand and Burma. ¬† We were able to see the border, tantalisingly close, just a five minute walk across a bridge! As it was, here’s the nearest we got to the enigmaticContinue reading “Mae Sai, as far north as you go”

Thai Temple architecture

Here’s a final look at the colourful joy that is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. So let’s take yet another look at some of the sparkly gold, red, green and blue decorations. In the guise of this blog being semi educational (and not just LOADS of my holiday snaps!!) here’s a bit of a breakneck tourContinue reading “Thai Temple architecture”

Doi Suthep 2

Doi Suthep is an astonishing temple complex, perched high on the mountain side. Its site was established, according to legend, by a white elephant, bearing a sacred relic of Buddha, choosing the site. Whatever the reason it is a cornucopia of architecture, colour and glitz. With delicate detailing covering every inch of the buildings. It’sContinue reading “Doi Suthep 2”