Assorted Alghero

Here’s a few final (yellow) snaps of Neptune’s grotto – the photos really don’t do it justice as it’s a fascinating underground fairy tale of a place.

If you’ve got a spare couple of hours it is well worth exploring, it’s truly magical.

Then it’s back on the boat and heading to Alghero again which is looking spectacular in the October sunshine.

As we wander through the meandering alleys and grand squares of this beautiful Medieval town we spot lots more cycling themed decorations dotted around.

Then enjoy soaking up a few rays on the harbour walls and enjoying the gorgeous azure waters beneath.

Setting sail

Next up on our Sardinian odyssey is heading to the open seas to check out a natural wonder – Neptune’s Grotto.

As we head to the marina I’m distracted by colourful doors and prancing horses while the man is more excited by vast vending machines full of caffeine!


I am also rather too excited by this Willy Wonka style sweet shop complete with psychedelic mushrooms and candy cane trees.

The historic centre with its honey stone is decorated with cycling based items that are a hangover from the 2017 Giro d’Italia which started in Sardinia .

Finally we arrive at the busy marina and board our vesssel, ready to head for the open sea.


We love boats and try to hop on board at least one each holiday. Even better if the sun lets the pro tanner get his body out!


The rugged coastline has some pretty impressive monolithic cliff faces and rock formations to enjoy on-route to the cavern.


Take a trip with us into the heart of a cavernous wonderland next as we descend into Neptune’s grotto!

Alluring Alghero

We’ve finally made it to Algehero – one of Sardinia’s most beautiful medieval cities and we’re staying in the heart of its old walled city.

The centro storico (historic centre) is one of the best preserved in Sardinia. Enclosed by honey-coloured sea walls it is an enchanting place to be based for a few days.

As soon as we’ve unpacked we’re heading straight for a bird’s eye view of the town from theĀ Cattedrale di Santa Maria’s bell tower.

Here we can see the pretty town’s tangled alleyways lined with terracotta tiled houses with a distant view of the vibrant marina in the background.

Once back on the ground we head out to get a feel for the place.

One of the quirky things we spot is that the town is an open air gallery for a variety of over sized photos of Sardinian folk, all who are over 100!

The island seems to breed a hardy bunch with astonishing longevity.

There’s also lots of little artworks around every corner including these aquatic re-imagining of famous people and artworks.

Below is the impressive tiled dome of Chiesa di San Michele. Its colourful decoration sparkles in the sunlight.

As the sunsets over the gorgeous old town we join the crowds lining the sea walls to bide farewell to another day.


Being cheap skates we bring our own beverages to toast the setting sun!


Lots more to come from this wonderful place. Watch this space!