Animal cake and arcades

You can’t go far in Japan without spotting something utterly adorable like these animal shaped desserts!

Whether it’s curry topped with a teddy bear, rabbit eared icecream or a burger with googly eyes, it has to be kawaii!!

Another utterly Japanese experience are the incredible, multi story gaming temples such as this rainbow coloured Namco highrise.

These meccas to gaming feature multiple floors, all with particular types of games on offer.

Whether you’re a dancing or drumming fanatic to a traditional shoot em upper, there is a game for you in this leviathan of a building!

Be warned however, these gaming palaces are not for the faint hearted. It is an ear splitting, sensory overload.


Flashing lights, bells and whistles, sirens and more . . it can be a little overwhelming.

Even though it is a beautiful sunny day outside, the place is packed with gamers of all ages, constantly feeding the metal beasts!


Stop right there, this post carries a serious Kawaii warning! That is all . .  proceed at your own risk . .


Imagine my delight, on the back streets of Gion in Kyoto  ..  That’s right, it’s Hello Kitty food!!


Tiny little sugary cute kitten faces with unidentified pink stuff . .


OMG kitten ice cream and fruit .. thank you Japan – yet another reason to adore this country!!


It’s a Maccha Latte  . .  with floating Hello Kitty!!


Is it sugar? Is it savoury . .  guess I’ll never know, all we do know is IT IS CUTE!!!


Do you have tooth ache yet? It is all so darn sugary sweet and uber Kawaii!!!

Here’s a few none edible cuties as well. These are tiny little good luck charms that bring harmony in all areas of life. I wanted them all . . .


And finally on our whistle stop tour of Kyoto Kawaii is this gentleman and his simply adorable canine companion . .

Look at his little furry face and tiny traditional costume!! Can it get any cuter . .