Silk and worms

Just uncovered a disk of extra photos from our 2013 Thai adventure. A trip around a Chiang Mai silk farm as part of a traditional crafts day! Apologies for the grainy pictures, it was quite dim inside for the sake of the moths!!


The production of Thai silk begins with the Bombyx mori, a small silk worm that comes from the eggs of a silk moth. Above Neil inspects the icky critters in various stages of growth.

For their first year, they eat the leaves of mulberry trees before building a cocoon from their spittle.

Below you can see the moth cocoons, the moths themselves and the rather cruel method of extracting the silk by boiling the cocoons.

P1150078 P1150029 P1150032

In its original cocoon form, raw silk is bumpy and irregular. Weavers separate the completed cocoons from the mulberry bush and soak them in a vat of boiling water to separate the silk thread from the caterpillar inside the cocoon.

Here’s a close up of the pale moths and their eggs. It takes around 380 cocoons to produce 90 grams of silk yarn.


A single thread filament is too thin to use on its own so the Thai weavers combine many threads to produce a thicker, usable fiber.


Above and below weavers use a reeling machine to produce a uniform strand of raw silk thread.


The natural colour of the silk ranges from light gold to very light green. The thread is soaked in hot water and bleached before dyeing in order to remove the natural yellow coloring. It can then be dyed a variety of colours.


It’s then wound onto bobbins and ready to weave into cloth.


Here’s another set of bobbins ready to go.


Once washed and dried, the dyed silk is then woven using a traditional hand operated loom

P1150062 P1150059 P1150052

Here are some colourful examples of cloth being woven by the patient weavers.


I love this colour combination.


Below are some undyed natural silk clothes and some hand painted scaves drying before heading to the shop.


Here’s some of final high quality silk for sale in the factory shop. Every shade and hue you could possibly want.


These mouth watering shades of lemon and lime are very tempting but very expensive so alas I left empty handed!!


Thai markets

Thailand is a veritable market heaven and I always get a little bit giddy and carried away with them!


Apologies to any “regular” readers (!) as you’ve probably seen a fair few of my Thai holiday pics fairly recently . .  . but here’s a bit of a recap of some of my fav market pics from our two Thailand adventures.

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Sweet treats in Chaing Mai, dried mushrooms and crispy duck are just some of items on sale in Bangkok’s China town district.


Oooh piles of dried unidentifable food stuffs! My favourite!

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Gorgeous splashes of colour from hill tribe crafts in Chiang Mai, fresh greens in Chiang Rai and a patient market seller.


Peacock finery and real feather dusters are on offer from this street trader on a dusty back street in Chiang Mai’s Warorot Market.

It’s a favourite place for locals to trade and haggle and is very different to the usual tourist orientated night market and walking markets.


Freshly prepared street food is on offer on every single street corner, under bridges and underpasses and by the side of every road. Even in the darkest, most inhospitable seeming spot you’ll find street hawkers.

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The markers couldn’t function without the tireless efforts of the sellers themselves however. Forever wheeling, carrying, baking, steaming, cooking and freezing their wares.


Once again I feel the need to share one of my all time favourite snaps – traditional Thai icecreams in a multitude of flavours in these delightful little metal moulds.


You really can buy anything, including these unfortunate little critters . . . ready marked up for sale.

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A few more seller snaps, from this epic super sized cart, a woman selling what appear to be little boobies and the amulet market close to Wat Po.

Here’s a few more captured creatures all wiggling, squirming and generally trying to make a bid for freedom.


And a final trio of hard working market traders to conclude this particular romp through a few Thai markets.

Always worth a nice long browse while in the land of smiles.

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