More Mostar markets!

Before we headed back to Croatia, we had time to mooch around some more of the picturesque little stalls that line the main cobbled street of Mostar.

From colourful slippers to beaten copper work, tiny traditionally attired dolls to artwork, there’s almost too much to take in.

P1020997 P1020996 P1020892

Colourful wooden instruments make interesting (and custom friendly) souvenirs!


P1020830 P1020779 P1020769

Copper wear, sumptuous fabrics and cute little tea sets are also displayed to attract the magpie eyes of the tourist.


The plethora of textiles make me salivate slightly . . .so many cushion covers that could be made from them.

P1020900 P1020770 P1020775

Everywhere you look there’s a riot of colour, pattern and texture to delight the snap happy and trinket gatherer! (Both of which I happen to be)


P1020951 P1020945 P1020937

We also stuck our heads inside the courtyard of a traditional Moorish home, but, as we’d no cash for the entrance fee, we didn’t venture further!

Here’s some carpets instead . . .


P1020884 P1020902 P1020896

Finally a few  more bridge snaps. (I really need to find a blog template that arranges pictures better!!!!!)



Here’s me attempting to strike a pose . . weirdly I look like I have one HUGE hand and one freakishly tiny one.


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