Beach life and taking a dip

Finally, back in Dubrovnik, we head for the iconic view point that inspired me to head to Croatia in the first place.


It’s a place called Banje Beach. Part private beach bar and part public sunspot. From high up you can get the fabulous view across the beach to the fortress.


No apologies for a variety of beach shots now! Just sit back and enjoy them…..

P1030068 P1030069P1030085

The sea is that beautiful shade of aquamarine that makes you want to hurtle head first into it.


However it’s not quite as warm as it appears so we keep our distance and concentrate on viewing all the loveliness from afar.


I also enjoyed the spectacle of the tourist galleon sailing majestically into the bay.


Looks like the ship is making a sinister bee line towards my head in this particular shot . . .


Luckily for me, and all onboard, the ship manages to make it safely to shore!!!


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