Tiny and traditional

A last look at the wonderful village of Ogimachi now. Just a glut of photos of all the quirky little sights.

Below are several statues of Studio Ghibli, famous anime creations.

To the left is No Face from Spirited Away, the large cuddly looking one is BIG Totoro and the little witch is Yubaba.

The rows of houses look straight out of a fairy tale. You almost expect a wicked witch to beckon you in.

Water lilies fill a picturesque pond while a pretty field of pink Cosmos forms a carpet of blooms.

Just drink in the views of these adorable abodes.

A whole host of magically scrotumed raccoon dogs are discovered around a corner!

Just outside of the main village you can find a more peaceful, verdant scene as lush rice fields stretch into the distance.

Heading back for a final wander through the village we find more tiny details.

A traditional Japanese garden fills us with some zen peacefulness as the bamboo water feature gently and hypnotically ‘boc bocs’.

Water is everywhere around this tranquil spot, from rivers to streams, ponds to water features.

I can’t get enough of these beautiful, huge houses. They are so different to anything we’ve seen before.

Many of the houses are now open as museums so we head inside one of them to get some views out.

Up in the eaves you get another perspective on this bustling little village. Briefly getting some respite from the crowds of tourists that throng Ogimachi.

Just as we prepare to leave, the rain starts, which is a good excuse to get out the very girly umbrella.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Ogimachi life as much as we loved visiting.

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