Tiny and traditional

A last look at the wonderful village of Ogimachi now. Just a glut of photos of all the quirky little sights. Below are several statues of Studio Ghibli, famous anime creations. To the left is No Face from Spirited Away, the large cuddly looking one is BIG Totoro and the little witch is Yubaba. TheContinue reading “Tiny and traditional”

Step back in time

More snappy snaps from the wonderful little town of Ogimachi in Shirakawa-go. We’re aptly reminded that wild beasties roam the area with some cute little bear warning signs – they haunt apparently! Then we take a sedate turn around the village and it’s like stepping back in time. The village is fairly compact and the majorityContinue reading “Step back in time”

Stunning Shirakawa-go

Early in the morning we head out of Takayama by bus for a day trip to the stunning Shirakawa-go area. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I saw photos on the interweb!! Shirakawa-gō is an area that encompasses several small, traditional villages showcasing a traditional building style known as gasshō-zukuri which means ‘praying hands’ toContinue reading “Stunning Shirakawa-go”