Hida folk village

Our final outing from Takayama is to the Hida folk village, a pretty, open air museum showcasing the architecture and lifestyles of the area.

It’s also an excuse (as if we need any) to dress up in some traditional costumes . .  don’t we look cute

Covering approximately 99,000 square meter site of sloped- and thatched-roof houses, this model of a folk village has over 30 buildings, recreating Hida’s historical look.


You can try your hand at some traditional crafts as well as having a go with some toys!

The man gets to grips with stilts, amusing as his tiny legs are almost the same width . . .

In each building, everyday articles that recall the life and culture of mountain farming villages are displayed.

Many of the buildings were brought from their original sites to preserve them and the structures range from 100 to 500 years in age.

Some of the homes are used to host different activities or experiences, such as crafts or seasonal events.

Rather belated I spot the (still cute) warning signs about snakes . .  after traipsing through all the long grass!!

The folk museum is worth a visit to see the variety of architectural styles of the region.

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