Jewel bright Bosa

The first town on our Sardinian odyssey is the picture postcard settlement of Bosa.


Crossing over the river Temo (the only navigable river in Sardinia) this quaint little town is characterised by colourful houses, wrought-iron balconies and narrow alleyways.


High above the town is the imposing Malaspina castle which was built in the 12th century.


Before heading into the gorgeous town itself we take a meander along the river to see the town from below.


The pastel fronted buildings and old warehouses and huge palm trees add a riviera feel to the scene.

Then we head into the labyrinthine alley ways of Bosa itself.  Straight away I am captivated by the colourful shop fronts.

I absolutely adore this weathered travel agency window with its baby blue paint and well ordered advertisements for far flung destinations and real estate for sale.


Around every corner there’s colourful posters and art exhibition signs. So much to see!

Next we’re heading further into the paintbox bright back streets to experience the incredible coloured heart of this little town.

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