Paintbox pretty

Carrying on with our exploration of the gorgeous little Sardinian village of Bosa now.


We’re heading up into the mass of tiny colourful alleyways in the town now and the further up you go then more rainbow like it becomes!

This quirky little town is chock a block full of paintbox coloured delights. Each house competes against its neighbour in an eye popping display.

I love the emerald green and warm orange of the houses above.

The man lounges against a peppermint green corner while I am captivated by this literal rainbow of a street.


When the October sunshine hits the walls it creates a vivid spectacle and we’re lucky to have it almost to ourselves.


Could this baby blue and orange wall be any more delicious? Or how about this pink and orange combination with a sculptural plant for added delightful detail?

It feels like the town is gearing up for a festival with its strings of bunting all fluttering in the breeze.


Whether you’re a colour fanatic or just enjoy strolling around little back streets, Bosa should definitely feature on your Sardinian wish list.

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