Lovely Locorotondo

Next up on our 2019 Puglian adventure is another beautiful white city – Locorotondo.

Locorotondo – in Latin, Locus Rotondus: quite literally “rounded place.”

The historical centre has a circular footprint, with narrow alleys that make a tight circle around the Chiesa Madre di San Giorgio.

You can spot cummerse – that’s the local name for the pitched roofs which are typical of the region – such as the one below and are made with chianchiarelle, limestone slabs that are locally sourced.

The city has a wealth of little alleyways to explore, offering shady spots to escape the sweltering Italian sun.

Cyclamen and begonias enliven every stone stair way while the hubby finds the perfect eating spot.

And no space is left unutilised – every nook and cranny is packed full of pots, plants, cycles and little cafes.

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