Awesome Alberobello

We’re heading to our base for a few nights now – the incredible trulli town of Alberobello. If you’ve not heard of it before then brace yourselves!

Alberobello is a town in Italy‚Äôs Apulia region and it is famous for its trulli – adorable whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs. They’re fairytale like, something you expect a hobbit to pop out of!

We somehow accidently coincided our visit with a local festival of light meaning that the small town is absolutely heaving! But more of that later.

But for now it’s all about the trulli – a sight I have been desperate to see from the moment I learnt of their existence!

These curious conical-roofed whitewashed structures, clustered in pockets of Puglia, are an icon of the region. In fact, this part of south Italy is the only place they have ever existed.

Alberobello is the place to see Puglia’s finest and largest concentration of trulli which brings people to Alberobello. Lots more of these amazing little places to come!

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