Rainbow bright

We’re still in Portmeirion for this post and the next . . and probably the next too as it is just a magical little place.

The weather is out of this world – roasting hot and scorching sun. Wales is not really sure what is happening!

Using an eco-friendly approach Clough William-Ellis designed his architectural vision around a Mediterranean piazza.

Endangered buildings and unwanted artefacts from all over the world were rebuilt on site to create a hybrid mishmash of architectural styles including loggias, grand porticoes and tiny rainbow bright houses.

The village was a labour of love and was built over two phases. Between 1926 – 1939 and 1954 – 1976. By this time the dedicated architect was well into his 90s!

While the village itself is actually quite compact, the use of slopes, archways and varied windows and colours make it seem far larger.

You can climb up into the woodlands around the village in order to get some truly stunning panoramic views – you can hardly believe that this is in Wales!

I think I’m going to have to do at least one more post on this! Sorry / not sorry . . .

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