Last look

Brace yourself for the last photo dump of the magical Portmeirion! A riot of colour and architectural whimsy. This magical little place is well worth spending a few hours in. In fact you can easily while away a whole day if you try hard enough! As well as the village itself there are extensive gardensContinue reading “Last look”

Colour continues

Yeap, this is indeed the third post about Portmeirion! I’m afraid if whimsical, colourful architecture offends you then look away now! Like a little hobbit town, or child’s plaything, this compact little village sprawls across several levels, never quite displaying all its wares at once. You have to climb stairs, peer around corners, crane yourContinue reading “Colour continues”

Perfect Portmeirion

I’ve been keen to head back to our next colourful port of call for years after visiting as a school girl years ago. We’re visiting the whimsical village of Portmeirion which is crammed full of random architecture collected from across Europe. Portmeirion was created by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1976. His aimContinue reading “Perfect Portmeirion”