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Yeap, this is indeed the third post about Portmeirion! I’m afraid if whimsical, colourful architecture offends you then look away now!

Like a little hobbit town, or child’s plaything, this compact little village sprawls across several levels, never quite displaying all its wares at once.

You have to climb stairs, peer around corners, crane your heads upwards and explore every little nook and cranny!

You can stay in these sumptuously sorbet coloured houses! In fact if you look closely at the one on the far left you can spot two lucky people enjoying a panoramic view from their private balcony.

There’s 32 apartments in the actual village itself and you can find out more on line here.

Portmeirion Village provided the backdrop for the 1960’s cult classic series, The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan.

Its candy coloured backdrop provided a perfect contrast to the rather sombre themes of the programme in which an unnamed British spy is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job

But as open air prisons go, this one is really rather pretty so we’d be quite happy to be held captive for a few days at least!

Plus there is quite delicious sustenance on offer too! I think i might be able to squeeze out one more post about this place before calling it quits!

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