Finally getting around to the last spot of our Southern Explorer way back in July 2021. We’re ending in the street art mecca of Bristol.

Every wall is a colourful canvas with some surviving for years but others mere days before being tagged, amended or reworked.

The harbour is a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by, along with the locals, as the sun sets.

In amongst the urban bustle of a big city sits Castle Park, an oasis of calm and green.

With the ruins of St Peter’s church in the middle of lushly planted gardens, this spot once marked Bristol’s main shopping district.

The area was largely destroyed by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz and what remained was demolished by 1969.

Now it is a place of quiet contemplation (for some) with a physic garden for growing medicinal plants and lots of lovely floral inspiration.

Diving back into the grimy beating heart of the city now with some more snaps of dingy back alleys!

Leonard Lane is one such alleyway with impressive wall murals depicting Charles Darwin and a menagerie of animals.

I might be a little obsessed with this rainbow bright psychedelic wall piece!

A few more random bits and bobs that caught my eyes . .

Clothed with the Sun is an enduring piece by artist EL MAC that has lasted since 2011.

The artist described the concept behind it here: “I wanted to make this image something like a modernized scene from a Renaissance painting, serene and grandiose. Hopefully Raphael or Michelangelo would approve.

“You could interpret this as an updated Madonna painting, or an homage to single mothers in a country that has the highest rate of single mothers in Europe.”

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