Marina Bay Sands

Another of Singapore’s iconic sights is the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Its imposing presence dominates the city’s skyline. It forms part of the Marina Bay Resort which, when it opened in 2010, was billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property valued at S$8 billion. The resort includes the 2,561-room hotel, a 120,000-square-metre convention-exhibitionContinue reading “Marina Bay Sands”

Times Square by night

Suckers for punishment that we are we decide to make a second pilgrimage to the tourist trap that is Times Square. But this time at night to check out the ads in all their glorious, eye wateringly neon glory. If the place was bad by day you could multiple the crowds, noise and frustration byContinue reading “Times Square by night”

Watching the water taxis

More spectacular views of Lower Manhattan can be seen from the Fulton Landing Pier Fulton Landing Pier it’s perfect place to linger and people watch. As well as being the home of the famous Brooklyn Icecream Factory. Fulton Ferry Landing pier, at the foot of Old Fulton Street, is one of Brooklyn’s most historic sites,Continue reading “Watching the water taxis”

Illuminated Osaka

We head back into the bustling heartland of Osaka in the evening to see it transformed into a throbbing neon paradise. It is the most iconic and enduring image of modern Japan – eye splitting coloured lights as far as the eye can see. And Osaka does not disappoint! Whether it’s giant puffer fish orContinue reading “Illuminated Osaka”

So long Shinjuku, toodleloo Tokyo

Before we head onto the glorious Japanese Alps we have one final night in the neon heartland of Shinjuku. The man is both intrigued and then delighted by this vending machine restaurant. Just pop in your money, make your selection, get your ticket and take it to the counter. Seconds later – a meal isContinue reading “So long Shinjuku, toodleloo Tokyo”

Sayonara Shinjuku

Here’s one last neon whirl around Shinjuku’s flashing lights and garish nightlife. I’m missing the frenetic city again! The temptation to book flights and head back is increasing with every photo I post! A last look at Godzilla is a kitschy reminder of the wealth of cultural influences that Japan has gifted to the world.Continue reading “Sayonara Shinjuku”

Sensory over load in the metropolis

Eager to make the most of our limited time in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo we head out into the bright lights of Shinjuku again. It’s a whirlwind of colour and sounds, endlessly scrolling sky high adverts and a flock of humans. Coming from a tiny rural town in the midland of the UK, itContinue reading “Sensory over load in the metropolis”

Awesome Akihabara

After sating my desire for all things kitchen related we head onto get our first glimpse of one of the ubiquitous sights in Tokyo – the neon jungle of Akihabara, AKA Electric town. Akihabara is named after the fire-controlling god of a shrine built after the area was destroyed by a fire in 1869. Akihabara gained theContinue reading “Awesome Akihabara”