Into the abyss

After the wonders of Nikko we head to the impressively named Kanmangafuchi abyss. Kanmangafuchi is also known for its row of about 70 stone statues of Jizo, a Bodhisattva who cares for the deceased. This particular group of Jizo statues is alternately called “Bake Jizo” (Ghost Jizo), “Narabi Jizo” (Jizo in a line) or “HyakuContinue reading “Into the abyss”

Deeper into Nikko

As we wander further into the beautiful world heritage site of Nikko we’re overwhelmed by the decoration and religious details. Below is the Mizuya, a stone building sheltering the water basin used for purification before entering the temple buildings. Below are more details of the Kyōzō, the shrine’s storehouse for sutras or holy scriptures. I loveContinue reading “Deeper into Nikko”

Moss strewn and mysterious

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Shrines and Temples of Nikkō includes 103 buildings and the stunning natural setting around them. The buildings belong to two Shinto shrines (Futarasan Shrine and Tōshō-gū) and one Buddhist temple (Rinnō-ji) Above is Ishidorii, the imposing stone Tori gate at the entrance to the temple complex. Torii literally means BirdContinue reading “Moss strewn and mysterious”

Nearing Nikko

After the excitement of our first ever bullet train ride we arrive in the small town of Nikko. Nikko itself is a fairly average Japanese town, nothing too unusual (EXCEPT IT’S IN JAPAN!) We’re actually heading to Nikko National Park, a scenic place of natural beauty and ornate shrines. We meander through the town untilContinue reading “Nearing Nikko”