Trinkets and seaviews

Oia is the photographic gift that just keeps giving I am afraid peeps! So brace yourself for a couple more posts of this little whitewashed slice of heaven.

P1050271 P1050278 P1050296

Everything is just so darned photogenic! Whether it’s colourful pumice stones to a trio of weathered doors, Neil genuinely feared that I would never let us leave.

P1050274 P1050273 P1050272

It’s this quaint gem like quality that attracts artists hankering to capture a little of its beauty and hoardes of tourists and cruise ship passengers.


Thankfully, for us mere mortals with no artistic abilities, there are a multitude of adorable miniature scenes of the town to take away.

P1050293 P1050301 P1050303

Or, instead of a souvenir you could always rent a cat companion for the bargain price of five euros from the town bookshop.


Oia overlooks two sides of the sea, western with Ammoudi bay, eastern with Armeni bay. However only the western side  faces the world famous sunset that is a huge draw for hundreds of people.

Forewarned about the gridlock that this daily scene generates, we headed away well before dusk!

P1050294 P1050312 P1050314

Slipping away from the main street you can wind your way down little heat soaked alleyways and lose yourself in the ramshackle jumble of delicious houses and shops.

P1050363 P1050316 P1050317

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