Donkeys and stairs

Much as it pains me (but possibly delights everyone else) this is the last Oia post! One of the most archetypal images of Santorini is that of the island’s beast of burden – the donkey. Nowhere do they come into their own more than in the narrow alleyways of Oia, where cars can’t reach. WhateverContinue reading “Donkeys and stairs”

Trinkets and seaviews

Oia is the photographic gift that just keeps giving I am afraid peeps! So brace yourself for a couple more posts of this little whitewashed slice of heaven. Everything is just so darned photogenic! Whether it’s colourful pumice stones to a trio of weathered doors, Neil genuinely feared that I would never let us leave.Continue reading “Trinkets and seaviews”

That iconic snap

Onwards with our whistle stop tour of gorgeous little Oia (pronounced EE ah). The town reached the peak of prosperity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Its prosperity was based on its merchant fleet, which traded in the Eastern Mediterranean. The two-story captains’ houses built on the highest part of the village are aContinue reading “That iconic snap”